Africa Connectivity Survey Launched


With over 90 000km of fibre to the home and business deployed in African cities, the question now is: "Which cities and suburbs are taking the lead in building access networks?" In an attempt to answer this question, FTTH Council Africa − in collaboration with Africa Bandwidth Maps – is undertaking research to determine network reach and identify Africa's most connected cities. 

"Measuring penetration is critical to understand how the industry is progressing. The research will take place in the form of a short survey and will attempt to document as many metro and fibre-to-the-home or business networks as possible," says FTTH Council Africa CEO Juanita Clark.

"The aim is to determine network reach and ultimately understand how many homes, public and commercial buildings are connected and the rate at which this is growing. If we know this, we will better understand what still needs to be done."

FTTH Council Africa is encouraging all African operators to participate to ensure technical accuracy of the data.

The survey is now open for network operators to add network locations to the map, and to update details on the progress of FTTH rollouts.
The results for the first quarter of 2015 will be compiled in April. To make sure their information is included, and to receive a summary of findings, operators need to complete the survey by 31 March.