The benefits of Fibre

Fibre is less expensive over time

With no high-voltage electrical transmitters needed, fibre can help save your service provider, and you, money.

Fibre is greener

Fibre is also more durable than copper and will last longer. The raw materials to make fibre is plentiful (since fibre is glass it is made from sand!) whereas copper supplies are dwindling. Say goodbye to copper mining.

Fibre is thinner

More fibres can be bundled together in the same space as a copper cable.

Fibre is clearer

Fibre won’t lose the signal the way copper does. And because light signals don’t interfere with other fibres in the same cable, you get clearer conversations. Fibre optic cables are safe from lightning strikes or electrical interference.

As you can see, fibre has significant benefits and due to much lower attenuation and interference, optical fiber has large advantages over existing copper wire in long-distance and high-demand applications. In most countries fibre also increases the value of your property, and since fibre is considered an asset it also makes your community a more desirable location. Fibre allows us to turn our homes into smart-homes and it has the capacity to offer us triple play services. With a fibre connection you can download a movie in a matter of seconds, manage your home remotely and have video surveillance, to name a few benefits.


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